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Herbs Microwave Drying Tunnel Machine for Rose Osmanthus Petals Honeysuckle

Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Wrap film

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Microwave's unique characteristics of pnetration, radiation, absorption, etc. Determine that the grain dryer microwave dryer has a fast drying speed, high efficiency and short time. The drying function is accompaied by the functions of steilization and insecticidal eggs, which can extend the shelf life of the grains and improve the quality of the grains. In addition, the microwave dryer belongs to energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment. Compared with other drying methods, it can save more than 30% energy, and it does not produce any pollution.

Main Features:

1)Patented structure technology, strong stability and low failure rate
2)Shelf specifications can be flexibly adjusted for high product size compatibility
3)Powerful PC&APP management system
4)You can place an order on the mobile terminal and warm it up to enter the constant temperature storage
5)Choice of dual microwave oven configuration, suitable for different places
6)Patented microwave oven structure and efficient heat dissipation technology make microwave ovens more efficient and faster to heat up.

Q1. Which material can be dried?
Any material can be dried under 18℃ to 80℃.
Q2. How to insall the machine?
Some dryers no need installation, for the dryers need to install we will provide training course or ask for support from our local partner.
Q3. What is the after-sales service?
--3 years for whole units and 5 years for compressor.Supply spare parts for replacement.
--We have local partner to provide after-sales service in some countries.

replacement Pump of Herbs Microwave Drying Tunnel Machine for Rose Osmanthus Petals Honeysuckle data list

No.dDCMinimum Buy QuantityBEANInventory
FWF-293424293425,4 kN - - - -
61824 ZZ120 mm150 mm16 mm - 16 mm - -
7204B20 mm47 mm14 mm - 14 mm - -
NNU4920K100 mm140 mm131 kN - 40 mm - -
5305NRC30.984 Inch | 25 Millimeter2.441 Inch | 62 Millimeter - N/A1 Inch | 25.4 Millimeter45473595391100.0
ABR-29330E - - - N/A - 06440751843800.0
22336EJW33C3 - - - N/A - 00877963574710.0
KBF-M12 - - - N/A - 01900290295300.0
22215EKJW33C4 - - - N/A - 07470230970430.0
23134EAKW33C4 - - - N/A - 06923146814660.0
1985-900141.1250 in2.3750 in - - - - -
AR110-28110 mm180 mm86 mm - 86 mm - -
678AZZ8 mm12 mm3,5 mm - 3,5 mm - -


replace Seal of Herbs Microwave Drying Tunnel Machine for Rose Osmanthus Petals Honeysuckle Parameter list

No.dDEANWeightBMinimum Buy QuantityInventory
2204G1520,000 mm47,000 mm - - 18,000 mm - -
ESFA204T2020 mm - - 0.45 kg21.4 mm - -
CVDR28-415 - - 08834503983670.454 - N/A0.0
SFMH-19 - - 06624613428621.235 - N/A0.0
R-100.625 Inch | 15.875 Millimeter1.375 Inch | 34.925 Millimeter06440750868370.03 - N/A0.0
PB-5608 - - 07817113570261.655 - N/A0.0
SAF22220 - - 00291764983360 - N/A0.0
CR-1-5/8-XBC - - - - - - -
LM451349W - LM451310V266.7 mm355.6 mm - - 57.150 mm - -
68105065 - - 7 - -
LD-20X9-TUFR-SSS - - - - - - -
391575 mm128 mm4012802138399 - - - -
6777 mm11 mm4547359406627 - 2,5 mm - -


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Herbs Microwave Drying Tunnel Machine for Rose Osmanthus Petals Honeysuckle Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
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Food Processing Microwave Heating Drying Machine 1 Set US$1517US$7256
Fully-Automatic and Stainless Steel Microwave Tes Fixing Machine for Business with Ce Made in China 1 Set US$1429US$7961
Automatic Industrial Powder Makeup Puff Sponge Microwave Drying Sterilizing Machine 1 Set US$1565US$7632
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Lotus Root Starch Microwave Drying Machine 1 Set US$1637US$5349
Industrial Best Price Food Microwave Heating Machine 1 Set US$1317US$6089
Industrial and SS304 Microwave Heating Machine for Sale with Great Reputation 1 Set US$1549US$7380
Stainless Steel Industrial Tunnel Microwave Heating Food Dryer Machine 1 Set US$1294US$5941


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